Fleur De Lis

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Create Stunning Fleur de Lis Designs with Silicone Onlays®

The fleur de lis design is a popular, French motif depicting a lily and is often seen in cake decorating. Use our Fleur de Lis Silicone Onlays® for wedding cakes, mardi gras cakes or birthday cakes to create professional-looking, clean-cut designs with one easy-to-use 3D cake stencil. You can even team up our Fleur de Lis Silicone Onlays® with our Fleur de Lis silicone molds to carry this regal design theme across several tiers of cake. It’s a piece of cake to make perfect fleur de lis designs, thanks to our patented cutting blades. Create impressive cakes in a fraction of the time it would take doing so by hand. Our Silicone Onlays® are sure to be your favorite cake decorating tools for years to come!

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