Ruffle Simpress™ Video

Watch How Easy It Can Be To Make a Rose | Petal | Scrunch Ruffle Cakes

Rose | petal | scrunch | frilled | rosette and sugar ruffles are all names for ruffle cake decorations that can now be made in minutes with this new addition of Simpress™ Silicone Molds. We must admit that there was a time when we thought we could never make a mold that would produce these extremely popular cake decorating styles. But, we put our heads together and worked for months and months to achieve what just may be a game changer in the cake decorating industry. It goes without saying that we wouldn’t blame you if you did not believe a silicone mold could be used to produce a ruffle texture you would be proud to put on a decorated cake. That is exactly what this video is all about! Watch it to see how two molds can produce these wildly popular cake decorating trends, especially useful for wedding cakes.