Silicone Mold Videos for Cake Decorating & Arts & Crafts Projects Silicone Mold Videos for Cake Decorating & Arts & Crafts Projects

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Instructional Videos – Cake Decorating and Arts & Crafts Projects using Silicone Molds

There are many cake decorating and craft videos available for purchase and also on Youtube which are excellent and very informative. What you may not find though, are instructional videos on how to use molds when decorating cakes or making arts & crafts projects. For your viewing pleasure, we have created this selection of silicone mold videos that show how to use silicone molds properly so that you can benefit from the finest results that are sure to impress your customers, friends and family. Best of all, our silicone mold videos are free and we are committed to producing more videos in order to cover many topics you may be interested in.

Fluted Simpress™ Video

Watch how the Fluted Simpress™ creates elegantly textured fondant panels that can be applied to a crumb coated cake to create a sophisticated cake design that many of our customers have requested.

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Garden Gate Silicone Onlay® Video

Watch this informative, cake decorating video that highlights how to use the all new Garden Gate Silicone Onlay®.

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Ruffle Tall Cake Video Thumbnail

Cover Tall Cakes Easily with Ruffles

This video uses Rosette Ruffle Simpress™ and Scrunch Ruffle Simpress™ to cover tall cakes.

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Rosette and Scrunch Ruffle Simpress Video Thumbnail

Easy To Make Rose | Petal | Scrunch Ruffle Cakes

Watch this video to see how to make Rose, Petal, and Scrunch Ruffle Cakes.

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New Simpress, Romantic Ruffle, Perfect Petal, and Lavish Loops Video Thumnail

How to make Ruffle Cakes, Ruffled Loop Cakes & Petal Cakes in Minutes

Ever make a ruffle cake? How about a petal cake? Now you can create these cake decorating treasures in minutes .

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How to use Knit Simpress to make Holiday Cakes Video Thumb

New Holiday Flexabets® Short Video

How to Apply “Merry Christmas” & “Happy Holidays” on a cake with perfect results. Plus how to embed shapes in knit textured fondant too real to believe.

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How to use Knit Simpress to make Holiday Cakes Video Thumb

New Holiday Flexabets® Video

Watch this clever video showing how holiday phrases are applied to decorated cakes & knit textured fondant to create Winter Wonderland Holiday Christmas Cakes.

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Tri-Weave Simpress Video Thumbnail

Tri-Weave Simpress™ Video

See how to add hex and tri-weave geometric patterns to your cakes and cupcakes using the Simpress™ cake panel maker.

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Geometric Illusion Simpress Video Thumbnail

Geometric Illusion Simpress™ Video

Watch and see how to add optical illusion designs to the your cake and cupcakes using the Simpress™ cake panel maker

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Piped Perfection Simpress Video Thumbnail

Piped Perfection Simpress™ Video

Learn how to add impossibly piped patterns to cakes using the Simpress™ cake panel maker.

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Confetti Already Simpress™ Cake Decorating

Confetti Already Simpress™ Video

This video shows you how to use the Confetti Already Simpress™ cake panel maker. Learn the make the popular confetti style cake easily, quickly and perfect every time.

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Diamonds in the Rough Simpress Video - Diamond Rock Candy Decorative Texture for Cakes

Diamonds in the Rough Simpress™ Video

This video shows you how to use the Diamonds in the Rough Simpress™ cake panel maker. Learn to make the gorgeous geode and rock candy cakes quickly and easily.

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Tufted Swiss Dots SImpress Video Thumbnail

Tufted Swiss Dots Simpress™ Video

This video shows you how to use the Tufted Swiss Dots Simpress™ cake panel maker. Learn the make the popular swiss dots style cake with an added tufted texture fast and easy.

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Western Flexabet Video Thumbnail

Western Flexabet® Video

Marvelous Molds is introducing a new Flexabet® style for you to saddle up with and ride off into the sunset.

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New Simpress Designs Video Thumbnail

New Simpress™ Textures Video

This video introduces three new Simpress™ cake panel makers that enable anyone to make exquisite cakes easily, quickly and perfect every time. Be a better cake decorator by learning all about these fabulous molds that create amazing textures for decorated cakes

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Action Comic Flexabet Video Thumbnail

Action Comic Flexabet® Video

Marvelous Molds is introducing new Flexabet® styles allowing you to become a fondant super hero!

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Marvelous Molds New Knit Molds Video Thumbnail

Introducing Anne Heap Knit Molds

Watch this video to see the incredible details in the new Knit Mold Collection from Marvelous Molds and Anne Heap

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Knit Cactus Cake Created by Liz Marek

Liz Marek Knit Christmas Cactus Tutorial Video

Watch Liz Marek use the new Knit Mold Collection from Marvelous Molds to create a Christmas Cactus Cake

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Knit Snowman Cake Create by Shawna Mcgreevy

Shawna McGreevy’s Cake Decorating With Knit Molds

Watch Shawna McGreevy from Cakeheads use the new Knit Mold Collection from Marvelous Molds

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Learn How to Make an Awesome Fondant Chain for Purse, Handbag, Steampunk & Man Cakes

Watch Chef Dominic make an awesome fondant chain using what he describes as, “One of the coolest molds we’ve ever created!”

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Pretty in Pearls Simpress Video Thumbnail

Simpress™ Video Master Class

Watch this Master Class instructional video that teaches everything you need to know when paneling a cake with fondant. Discover how a Simpress™ makes so easy.

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Happy Birthday Flexabet™ In Use

Flexabet® Lettering Tool Introduction

Chef Dominic introduces amazing new Flexabet® lettering tools. It is easier than ever to create sugar and fondant letters for your cakes.

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petalears masterclass1

Petalears™ Master Class Video

Watch Chef Dominic Palazzolo demonstrate how to create gorgeous flowers using Petalears™, creating five flowers at once with one tool. Petalears™ cut, vein and scribe gum paste/fondant saving hours when making edible flower for cakes.

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buddy valastro video1

Visit with Buddy

Join Chef Dominic Palazzolo as he visits with Buddy Valastro, star of Cake Boss, and teaches his cake decorators how to work with the latest molds from Marvelous Molds®. Buddy shares his experiences working with Marvelous Molds® products and how they’ve helped him increase productivity.

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cake boss tour4

A Day with Cake Boss Buddy Valastro

Come along for a tour of Cake Boss Buddy Valastro’s immense facility where he and his staff create customers’ cakes and film the infamous television series. Hear Buddy talk about his business and watch Chef Dominic Palazzolo as he trains Buddy’s staff how to use the latest molds.

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silicone onlay main image

Chef Dominic Silicone Onlay® Video

Watch Chef Dominic’s animated introduction of the new 2014 Silicone Onlay™ collection, sprinkled with a bit of humor. Learn how each design can be used to decorate cakes creatively while saving time.

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petalears preview4a

Petalears™ Preview

Discover how Petalears™ can replace many edible flower making tools and hours of time by quickly turning out five flowers at once from a single mold.

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miss piggy video main

Miss Piggy Cake

Watch Elisa Strauss’ step-by-step demonstration of the construction of a Miss Piggy cake elegantly dressed in a ball gown. Learn how to carve the cake, model Miss Piggy’s body and add decorative fondant details.

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onlays video

Silicone Onlay® Master Class

Silicone Onlays® are an exciting new addition to the tools we use to create amazing cake decorations and remarkable projects in the arts and crafts fields. Since these innovative 3D stencils represent an invention that has never been seen before, it is important to know how to use them.

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swag video cat

Swag Mold Video

Watch Renee’ Connor from Happy Cakes by Renee’ demonstrate how to work with the new swag molds from Marvelous Molds™. Create beautiful swags with coordinating drops at the top of the cake and matching borders along the bottom to create stunning cake designs.

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2014 onlay video main

New Silicone Onlay® Introduction Video

Watch Chef Dominic Palazzolo introduce eighteen new Silicone Onlays® to the collection, these patent pending 3D stencils are manufactured exclusively by Marvelous Molds® to enable cake decorators to create professional looking cakes in a fraction of the time.

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bird blossom video title

Bird and Blossoms Silicone Onlay®

Learn how to create a beautiful bird and blossom cake design using the Bird & Blossoms Silicone Onlay® from the Fashion Accessory Molds collection inspired by Elisa Strauss.

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onlays preview

Silicone Onlay® Preview

Silicone Onlays® represent a great patent pending innovation that has never been seen before. This video presents an excellent overview describing how Silicone Onlays® are used and the benefits that they offer.

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fashion molds video title

High Fashion Silicone Molds

Watch Elisa Strauss create amazing fashion details for cake decorating using the Spike Strap mold, Buckle mold and Chain mold.

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border mold video view

Cake Border Mold Video

Put amazing, detailed borders on your cake easier than ever before. In this instructional video you will learn how to use silicone molds, specially designed to create fantastic borders, to decorate your cake much faster than attempting to create such intricate details by hand.

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marvelous molds video

How to Use Marvelous Molds®

Marvelous Molds® is a leader in creating innovative silicone molds that push the boundaries when compared to conventional “block” silicone molds. Our molds have a patent pending trimming blade incorporated into every mold that will cut or trim any moldable material used in the mold.

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fleur de lis mold video view

Fleur De Lis Border Mold Video

Chef Dominic Palazzolo and Sharon Zambito join forces to create an amazing Fleur de Lis themed cake using a Fleur de Lis silicone mold designed by Chef Palazzolo and a gumpaste flower painting technique perfected by Sharon Zambito.

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fondant bow video view

Fondant Bow with Jewel Molds Video

Watch this instructional video that teaches techniques that can be used to create a perfect bow from fondant embellished with a button in order to create an amazing, elegant decoration for any cake.

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tiara mold video view

Tiara Molds Video

Make gorgeous edible tiaras with the Majestic Tiara Mold! In this instructional video, you will learn how the patent-pending trimming blade technology makes it easy to create beautiful detailed tiaras to decorate your cakes, cupcakes and more.

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scroll mold video view

Scroll Molds Video

This instructional video shows anyone how to use silicone scroll molds to create magnificent scroll work for cakes, crafts and artwork. The collection of scroll molds shown in this “How To” video represent a great addition to our silicone molds.

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2014 Collection of Enhanced Lace Molds

Meet Ms. Earlene Moore, celebrated cake decorator and collaborator in the creation of the Enhanced Lace Mold Collection of Marvelous Molds®.

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short version main

Troubleshooting with Silicone Onlays® Short Version

Short video that answers many questions about using Silicone Onlays® .

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long version main

Troubleshooting Silicone Onlays® Long Version

In depth video that answers all your questions about how to use Silicone Onlays®.

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Silicone Onlays® Drill Down

Learn how to use Silicone Onlays® by viewing this informative series of videos that teaches how to use this remarkable cake decorating tool in concise, short chapters.

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polymer clay jewelry video view

Polymer Clay Jewelry Making Video

Watch this instructional video to learn how to make fun, handmade jewelry using silicone molds. Easily replicated pendants allow you to make multiples of any handmade jewelry, or use different colors and molds to create a whole set for yourself or to share.

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Tutorial on Lace Molds

Watch this video tutorial featuring Ms. Earlene Moore and Chef Dominic Palazzolo as they reveal the best practices when using their amazing silicone lace molds.

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CatVideo DomPhoto1

Will It Mold?! Episode 1 – Cat Food

Chef Dominic tries to answer the question, “Will It Mold?!” when the staff challenges him to make a cat food Christmas cake for the company cats.

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gum paste gift box video4

Gum Paste Gift Box Video

Learn how to make a gorgeous, gum paste gift box using our lace molds inspired by Earlene Moore. Earlene will show you step-by-step how to create the bottom and top of an edible gift box shaped to mimic the lace mold design. These gift box decorations are ideal for holding candies, small gifts or decorating the top of a cake.

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Bloopers with Chef Dominic Palazzolo

Amusing outtakes with Chef Dominic Palazzolo of Marvelous Molds® & Sharon Zambito of SugarEd Productions we like to call, “Comical Cake Confusion!”

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