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Fondant Molds for Cake Decorating

Silicone Fondant Molds for Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes and More

fondant moldsSilicone fondant molds produced by Marvelous Molds® are the easiest molds to work with, a characteristic attributed to their flexible design and patent pending cutting blades. Unlike typical block silicone molds on the market, fondant is released cleanly from our molds when the raised edges of the trimming blade cut through the fondant. This is achieved by lightly rolling across the mold with a rolling pin to flatten and evenly distribute the fondant. Most fondant silicone molds require that you manually trim with an X-acto knife to achieve a straight, even edge. Even then, your designs can unmold with uneven edges, making one side thicker than the other. When creating fondant borders, this can cause problems when matching pieces to go around a cake. If the ends don’t match up, the result is an unclean finish. Inflexible molds also cause distortion of design, defeating the entire purpose of working with a fondant mold. Our loyal customers rely on us to produce molds that give consistent results every time. Each time you use a Marvelous Mold®, your fondant decoration will pop out cleanly and have the same thickness throughout the design. Professionals turn to Marvelous Molds® for the best results. New cake decorators love that their cakes turn out professional looking with all of our product lines.