Western Flexabets®

Hard to Find Western Style Lettering For Decorated Cakes Made Quick & Easy

It hasn’t been easy for cake decorators to find a Western font style of lettering for Cake Decorating until now. Marvelous Molds is delighted to announce the release of its all new Western Flexabet® Collection. Now anyone can make letters in this distinctive font that hearkens back to the days of the Old West and is very popular for “Man Cakes,” “Country & Western Themed” cakes and for any application where this attractive lettering collection would make an impact as a style that is unusual and unique. The Western font has a long history in American culture with its heyday appearing in the 1800’s where it was commonly used for circus posters, wanted posters, play and opera handbills, town newspapers and business signage. Cowboy themes, Guns & Shooters and the Rodeo use this font almost exclusively in print and as a result the Western font has a revered and time honored place in the American psyche. Stand out from the other cake decorators and use this incredible font to create decorated cakes that will impress and be remembered. Perfect for  Country & Western Cakes, Cowboy Cakes, Man Cakes, Ranch & Rodeo Cakes, Wild West Cakes and Gun Cakes.