Congratulations Flexabets®

“Congratulations” Made Easy with Flexabets®

What word has fifteen letters, is considered by some to be very hard to spell and is even harder to fit on a cake? Congratulations if you guessed, “Congratulations!” Since the beginning of putting personalized messages on cakes years ago, this one word has caused countless screams of exasperation by seasoned cake decorators and pastry chefs once it is discovered that a letter has been omitted or there just isn’t the room to fit this fifteen letter word. Here is another fun fact, Congratulations might be the most used inscription on a cake, second only to Happy Birthday. Marvelous Molds is happy to come to the rescue by offering our solution to this age old problem. Whether you use these handy Flexabets®, Silicone Onlay® style to transfer this enormous word on a cake, or simply use it to efficiently cut out all fifteen letters at once, the Congratulations Flexabet® is an indispensable tool that every cake decorator should have as a part of their collection.