Remarkable Flexabets® Make Letters, Numbers & Phrases with Ease.

Flexabet_category_image Flexabets® are remarkable cake decorating tools that create letters, numbers and phrases quickly, easily and perfect every time. Flexabets® are a combination silicone mold and cutter that makes quick work of the traditionally difficult task of personalizing cakes with phrases and inscriptions. Unlike any alphabet cutter from the past, Flexabets® require no tapping, no slapping, no clicking and no sticking. Instead, simply lay sheeted sugarpaste onto a Flexabet®, press with a fondant smoother and unmold to reveal a perfectly cut and molded letter or number in your choice of six lovely font styles: Action Comic, Bubble, Calligraphy, Typewriter, Western, & Swirly.

Unlike the plastic, injection molded alphabet cutters of old, Flexabets® are made of the highest grade silicone and resist temperatures up to 400 degrees and are unaffected by freezing. This unique construction make Flexabets® perfect for creating letters and numbers from: fondant, gumpaste, chocolate, Isomalt, gelatin mixtures, caramels, tootsie rolls, jolly ranchers, taffy and CAKE LACE!

Take a moment to explore this amazing line of lettering tools by watching our “How To” videos that reveal just how easy it is to use Flexabets®.

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Our Flexabets® consist of 4 different collection of letters. Each font style has a collection of: Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters, Numbers, and the phrase Happy Birthday. Click below to explore all of the different types of Flexabets® below!