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Marvelous Molds® is proud to capture the cake decorating art and style of Marina Sousa in a collection of silicone molds that truly represent her flair for original designs that have made her a celebrity among cake decorators around the world. Marina Sousa has been repeatedly recognized as one of this country’s greatest sugar and cake artists. As a recurring competitor on the Food Network’s wildly popular “Cake Challenge” she has won numerous contests competing against the best cake decorators in the United States. So much so she was invited to appear on Oprah’s very own cake off competition and true to form, she triumphed over her rivals and was crowned by Oprah Winfrey as the winner and reigning champion of cake artistry. With Marina, Marvelous Molds® has made a line of exceptional high-fashion silicone molds. Sugar beads, embellished buttons and faceted jewel brooches are now easy to make, and look astounding on any cake or craft creation.

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