Elisa’s Impression Mats

Silicone Impression Mats by Elisa Strauss Create Stunning Details & Textures

impression mats categoryElisa Strauss is known for her amazing sculpted cakes, and she knows that achieving a realistic effect requires detailed texture. Whether it’s an alligator skin designer handbag or every dog lover’s best friend rendered lovingly in cake or craft, these flexible silicone impression mats make adding texture to anything exceedingly easy. Unlike traditional vacuum-formed plastic texture mats, these silicone impression mats are durable, flexible, and totally non-stick, which means they are easy to use and even easier to clean. Use these innovative impression mats for fondant, gumpaste, crafts and more.

Learn more about Elisa’s silicone impression mats in the Craftsy Videos: “Designer Handbags” and “Sculpted Dog Cakes“.

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