Gothic Ballerina Tutu Cookie Tutorial Gothic Ballerina Tutu Cookie Tutorial

Gothic Ballerina Tutu Cookie Tutorial

Cookie Tutorial by Becky Rink

This Gothic ballerina tutu cookie is sure to please any girl on her birthday. Here are detailed instructions for recreating this masterpiece yourself.

Tools and Supplies:

gothic ballerina tutu cookie


1. Begin by rolling out your dough to 1/4″ thickness. For 3D pieces, roll slightly thicker. Brush off excess flour.

Roll out dough and brush off excess material

2. Place rolled dough on parchment paper. Cut out desired shape.

Cut dough to shape

3. Bake gingerbread at approximately 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 – 20 minutes, depending on the thickness. Flip the piece over and bake an additional 5 – 10 minutes to ensure that the ballerina tutu cookie is fully baked.

Bake the piece until brown

4. Make royal icing and with medium consistency outline the top portion of your cookie. You can also cover this with fondant.

Outline top portion with icing

5. Flood outlined portion with flooding icing (royal icing thinned down). Omit this step if you covered this section with fondant. Do the same for the bottom. Omit if covered in fondant.

Fill outline with icing and cover the rest with another color of icing

6. Roll out your 50/50 gum paste/fondant mix to 2nd thinnest setting on the pasta machine and press into Sparkling Bubble Silicone Onlay®. Roll gently with rolling pin and then spread lightly with water or gum glue.

Apply sheeted out fondant to Sparkling Bubbles Silicone Onlay®

7. Lay Sparkling Bubbles Silicone Onlay® across the dried royal icing or fondant and press to secure dots. Begin peeling off the Silicone Onlay®.

Apply Sparkling Bubbles Silicone Onlay® to the center of the Piece

8. Using the Floral Border Mold, press in a thick snake of 50/50 gum paste/fondant and press it into the mold. Carefully press against the cutting blades to clean the edges. Pulls sides of mold away and then remove fondant.

Fill Floral Border Mold with Fondant

9. Spritz back of fondant floral border with water or brush with corn syrup and apply the fondant  to the top of the tutu, following the lines of the icing design. Use 2 molded pieces to complete the top. Trim at the edges if necessary.

Apply Floral Border to piece

10. Roll a pea sized ball of white fondant and press into the Skull Cameo mold.

Fill the skull of Skull Cameo Mold with one color of fondant

11. Take secondary color and place on top, adhering with a little bit of water.

Fill the rest of the Skull Cameo Mold with another color of fondant

12. Attach skull cameo to the joint of the two floral fondant designs.

Apply Skull Cameo Mold to the piece

13. Roll a small snake of black fondant and press into the Small Chain mold.

Fill and demold Small Chain Mold

14. Attach two small chain decorations to form bodice, then using rolled black fondant, criss cross through bodice to create lacing.

Apply the small chains to the piece and lace up with a thin piece of fondant

15. Roll out black fondant into a piece that is 4″ long by 3″ wide.

Roll out set sizes of thin fondant

16. Frill one end using a ball tool and then gather the other end and pinch off excess.

Frill one end of the fondant with a ball tool
Gather other end and pinch off excess

17. Attach prepared pieces to cookie using icing or dab of water.

Apply gathered fondant to lower half of your piece

18. Roll out fondant to 2nd thinnest setting on pasta machine. Press the fondant on to the Diamonds Silicone Onlay®, then remove individual pieces and set aside.

Cut out fondant diamonds using Diamonds Silicone Onlay®

19. Roll out seven pieces of white gum paste/fondant and frill one end with ball tool, then gather the other end and lay over the black ruffles, allowing some black to show.

Repeat steps 15 through 17 with a different color of fondant

20. Cut out medium shaped hearts (or size to fit) , the dust with pearl dust then silver dust. Frill non-pointy side.

Cut out thin fondant hearts

21. Finish top of heart petals with diamonds you cut previously. Add two floral borders to the top  of the diamonds. Paint the floral borders, circles, and any other details you’d like to be silver.

Apply additional fondant cutouts to the piece

22. Press a rope of fondant into the zipper mold and attach to the bodice of the tutu. Add second zipper to opposite side of bodice. Add the zipper pull to the bottom of each zipper.

Make zippers using Zipper & Pull Mold

23. Roll a thin rope of fondant and press it into the Medium Chain mold. Rub finger over the top of the mold to release cut-outs. Remove from mold and paint silver. Apply chains as you like to cookie.

Make chains using Medium Chain Mold
Backy Rink

Becky Rink, former owner of About the Cake, is an award winning decorator and author of “The Top Shelf Baker – Sweet Treats From a Well Stocked Bar”. Becky has spent the last 14 years honing her craft and expanding on her skills. She continues to travel to teach sugar arts to new and also experienced decorators.