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Elegant Lace Molds with Enhanced Details for Cake Decorating and Arts & Crafts

Silicone Lace Mold Decorated Cake

Cake Created by Earlene Moore

Lace molds have become very popular all over the world for use in cake decorating and many arts and crafts projects. Our molds are made from the finest food grade silicone and capture the timeless beauty of iconic, classic and contemporary lace patterns. Lace molds empower anyone with the ability to recreate what was once a delicate fabric into sugar and chocolate creations or decorations using materials common to the arts & crafts industry. Our molds are superior to others because we do not just copy a flat, lifeless piece of fabric and call it a lace mold. Instead, our collaborator, the Great Earlene Moore, painstakingly pipes every lace design with
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royal icing in order to enhance the details and transform a rather flat textile into a high relief lace design that can be seen from across a room. As of the writing of this web page, Marvelous Molds® is the only company in the world that makes lace molds in this manner and therefore our molds are distinctively unique and represent original works of art.

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